DEXFOXILIATION: the art of not exfoliating regularly. Exfoliation opens the skin pores to allow penetration of your skin care products.

IMPROPER APPLICATION. Try to use it right after a proper bath. Don’t just take a quick shower, ensure that dirt, sweat and grime that clog the skin pores are removed as you bathe so your cream really penetrates. Also, don’t mop up all the water from your skin after bathing, leaving some water on your skin allows the cream to absorb better

SUN EXPOSURE. Too much exposure to the sun’s rays puts alot of strain on the skin and will hinder the effects of your cream from being visible, make sure your cream has adequate sun protection factor(Sunscreen)
👉G&G organic creams are generously enriched with Avocado Oil .Avocado oil is a natural Sun Protection factor(SPF).Contains the needed amount of Vitamin E to make it work as Sunscreen.

YOUR DIET. What are you stuffing up on? Eating right (fruits and vegetables and staying away from unnatural sugar) boosts your skin’s radiance from within. Oranges,Carrots,Papaya,Lemon, and Cucumber especially, are loaded with powerful and natural anti-oxidants that helps prevent your skin’s collagen from breaking down.
G&G Soaps contain fresh organic fruits and Our Creams contain fresh organic fruit oils.

IMPATIENCE. Soaps and Creams that boasts of ‘instant results’ usually have harsh chemical components. It usually takes time for your skin to adjust and respond to the products. Try Organic products instead and take a break from Chemical based stuffs!
That’s what we do at G&G Organics.

BATHROOM ROUTINE. Please use a gentle beauty bar for your face instead of the regular bar soaps and try to use lukewarm water instead of cold water. It helps to keep your skin’s protective layer from being stripped away.
G&G Organic products are absolutely gentle on the Skin

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